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Issue 3/Volume 1

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Topics Relating to the Master of Our Age (a.s,)
(May our souls be ransom at his feet)
Section 1: Selection Of Traditions Discussing The Signs Before His Blessed
Reappearance, His Emergence and Appearance and What Happens Before That

Kifayat al-Athar(Sufficiency in reports)
Reported from Ahmad b Muhammad b 'Ubaid Allah b Ahmad b Ya'qub b Nusair al-Anbari, from Ahmad b Muhammad b Masruq from Abd Allah b Sh'ayb from Muhammad b Ziyad al-Sahami from Sufyan b 'Uyaynah from 'Imran b Dawud from Muhammad b al-Hanafiyyah, he said:

     The Commander of the faithful (a.s.) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (s.a.) saying: Allah the Almighty said, "I shall definitely punish any people who pledge obedience to an Imam who is not from me, even though the people may be righteous. And I shall shower my mercy upon any people who pledge obedience to a just Imam from me, even though the people may not be righteous or God-fearing. He (the messenger of Allah) then said to me: O 'Ali! You are the leader and Successor after me. Your war is mine and so is your peace. You are father to my progeny and husband to my daughter. From your progeny shall emerge twelve purified leaders and I am master of the Prophets, and you are master of all leaders. You and I are from the same tree. Had it not been for me Allah would not have created the heaves, fire, Prophets, nor Angels".
      He ('Ali) said: I said, "Are we superior or the angels?"

    He replied, " O Ali! We are the best of creation upon the whole earth, better than the favourite angels! Why not, when we have preceded them in recognising Allah and his Unity. It was because of us that they have recognised Allah, and due to us that they have worshiped Allah, and because of us they have been guided towards the path of recognising Allah. O Ali! You are from me and I from you. You are my brother and vizier. When I die malice and rancour shall appear in some people's hearts towards you. There shall be after me great trial and tribulation which shall affect every intimate friend. This shall be the time when your Shi'ah lose the fifth one from the seventh son of your progeny. Those people in the heavens and earth shall grieve for their failure to find him. How many believing men and women shall grieve and despair during his absence!" He (the Prophet) then slightly bowed his head, raised it again and then said: "By my father and my mother! The one who has my name and resembles me.  The one who resembles Moses, the son of 'Imran. Upon him shall be the garment of light (or he said the cloak of light).  It illuminates from the flames of Holiness (al-Quds) as though even I regret for those who have passed before his time. Then it shall be announced with such an announcement which shall be heard by those far just as it shall be heard by those near as a form of mercy upon believers and retribution upon the hypocrites!"